Five Municipal Trends Keeping HR on Their Toes

Ensure You're Staying Compliant with Changes in Municipal Law

Today's HR professionals have a lot to deal with when it comes to managing their workforces and making sure their organizations are in compliance with all applicable employment laws. And while most employers have always had to keep up with federal and state laws, they are now facing a large increase in local laws as well.

Municipal laws are being enacted at such a fast rate that it is sometimes hard for employers to keep up. Some of the rapidly developing issues that may be coming soon to even more municipalities include laws involving:

  1. Paid sick leave
  2. Ban the box
  3. Predictable scheduling
  4. Salary history and pay equity
  5. Minimum wage

Download this whitepaper to learn how to stay on top of these changes to ensure you're in compliance with federal, state and municipal requirements.

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