8 Ways to Effectively Manage Open Enrollment

Stay On Top of Open Enrollment Year-Round

Open enrollment season presents unique challenges for employers and can be a hectic time for HR and benefits professionals who may struggle to effectively manage the annual event.

It's also a confusing and frustrating period for employees, many of whom feel overwhelmed by the process and may want to sidestep benefits conversations altogether. However, ignorance is definitely not bliss, and employees that fail to examine their options could take a hit in their wallets.

Since open enrollment concerns everyone in the workforce, employers should be familiar with best practices for handling this stressful time of year.

This in-depth guide will provide employers with eight steps to effectively manage the open enrollment process, including:

  • Evaluating current benefits offerings
  • Developing a year-round communication schedule
  • Remembering COBRA qualified beneficiaries
  • And more...

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