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We Believe in

Igniting human potential

In every person, in every organization.

XpertHR® has been providing HR solutions since 2002, empowering organizations to build successful workforces and create a purposeful workplace for all

We provide expert insight and practical tools to help organizations achieve greater efficiency, reduce risk and increase employee engagement.

Today, we are developing smarter data analysis tools and cutting-edge technology to support future demands on HR in an increasingly digital world.

We Believe

  • number one

    Protecting business reputation and managing risk exposure is key

    We are committed to providing our customers with accurate and reliable employment law and good practice guidance - helping them stay compliant while harnessing the potential of their workforce to drive forward business objectives and create a purposeful workplace for all.

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  • number two

    All data can be collected and explored to provide actionable insights

    We continue to support our customers and HR professionals to gain deeper insights into their workforce - enabling them understand how they compare against the market and to make better decisions and build their strategic influence.

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  • number three

    Connectivity and integration will help you work smarter and faster

    We want to help HR teams connect their organization's systems and integrate their people data to create the insights that will enable effective business decisions.

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Partners in Data, Analytics and Insights

XpertHR® is part of RELX™, global provider of information-based analytics and decision tools for professional and business customers.

With over 100 years of subject matter expertise combined across our content team, we strive to be an active contributor to the HR community.

We believe it's people that make all the difference. That's why it's our mission to empower every organization with the confidence and specialist data and insights to improve business outcomes and create a purposeful workplace for all.
Scott Walker, Managing Director, XpertHR

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