California Break Laws & Working Time Rules

California labor law is notoriously complex, and CA break laws alone can seem daunting. For example, do nonexempt employees need to be paid for meal and rest breaks? Travel time? Sleeping time? Navigating through these break laws might sometimes seem like a fulltime job in itself. However, it does not have to be.

This free whitepaper is designed to make the life of the California HR professional just a little bit less hectic. It breaks down California meal break laws, sleeping break laws, and all the other break laws a California employer must follow, making it less difficult to be compliant. It offers guidance on "rounding" working time and explains when waiting time, time on call or training equate to hours worked. In addition, you will also find guidance on all of the following concerns, just to name a few:

  • Split shifts;
  • Activities before and after a shift;
  • Reporting time pay; and
  • Upcoming changes to California break laws.

Make your life a little bit easier: download this free whitepaper on California working time laws today.

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CA Working Time Rules

This free guide covers:

  • Hours Worked
  • De Minimis Time and Rounding
  • Break Periods
  • Waiting Time and On-Call Time
  • Travel Time
  • Training, Lectures and Meetings
  • Sleeping
  • Activities Before and After a Shift
  • Reporting Time Pay
  • Split Shifts

Author: Jennifer K. Achtert, Fisher Phillips

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