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It's our job to keep you fully informed. Join over 40,000 HR professionals who trust our industry-leading subject matter expertise like no other.

We support every level of an organization's HR team, saving you valuable time and resources on everyday tasks while lowering risk exposure with the most up-to-date and trusted compliance resources and data insight.

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4 reasons why you can count on XpertHR
to help you work with confidence.

  • Move forward with confidence

    We understand the impact change has on HR, which is why we have spent the last year adding resources and enhancing products to help you plan for uncertainty and guide you through COVID. We strive to be the most comprehensive compliance resource on the market.

  • Expertise you can
    count on

    We don't just provide compliance tools; we verify and track changes with our trusted team of in-house HR specialists and legal experts. So whatever challenges lie ahead, XpertHR is here to support and guide you through with our industry-leading subject matter expertise.

  • We go the
    extra mile

    With an unrivalled selection of local content, you can navigate the most recent changes in local laws and compliance, XpertHR covers all 50 states and over 160 localities. Providing in-depth tracking with at-a-glance coverage, saving you hours of research.

  • One-stop support built around you

    Our dedicated customer service team can help you achieve your strategic goals and give you the support you need when you need it. Because we know every business is different and we're ready to listen.

Championing HR Heroes

XpertHR's MD, Scott Walker, sat down (virtually) with Executive Vice President, Katherine Lunn, of HR and Corporate Services at LexisNexis Risk Solutions Group, to find out how we responded to COVID-19.

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