Taking a Proactive Stance Against Claims of Discrimination and Harassment

Today's HR professionals must be both proactive and reactive when it comes to addressing issues of discrimination and harassment. Compliance requires a combination of effective policies and ongoing communication to managers and employees, a swift response to—and investigation of—all complaints, and the ability to mount a solid defense when necessary.

If EEO-related and harassment issues are keeping you awake at night, we'll help you sleep better. We've got the resources at XpertHR to help you prepare, and potentially respond to, claims that can emerge from all fronts.

Top XpertHR Discrimination & Harassment Resources


Understanding Who's
Protected, Where

EEO protected classes vary widely by state, and municipality, and change often. Our detailed chart provides a continually updated resource to help you stay on top of the EEO protected class requirements you need to know across each state including key municipalities.


Preventing Sex Discrimination
& Harassment

Our wide range of resources—from how-tos, to sample policies and documents, supervisor trainings, FAQs and more—will give you confidence and compliance peace-of-mind to navigate the complexities of sex discrimination and harassment, from prevention to management, in the workplace.


Traversing the Transsexual Implications of Caitlyn Jenner & Same-Sex Bathrooms
Emerging issues related to sexual orientation and gender identity raise new questions for HR professionals—we've got the answers. What you need to know about accommodations, policies, training and reporting.


Conducting Internal Investigations Post Complaint
How you respond to a sexual harassment claim has a significant impact on the risk your organization may face. Our resources offer best practice guidance, policy and document templates, and recommendations for supervisor training.