Employee Recognition

Ensure your employees are motivated and engaged

The importance of recognition on employee motivation and engagement can be significant in how engaged employees feel at work, and a lack of recognition can have a detrimental impact on employee turnover.

An employee who feels that his or her efforts go unrecognized is more likely to move on, potentially resulting in the loss of a valuable member of staff. Conversely, employees who have been recognized for their positive behavior are more likely to exhibit those behaviors again, leading to further performance and/or productivity improvements for the organization.

Having a recognition program will help you formalize the act of recognition through a typically centrally managed and controlled process, often with nominations and tiers of awards.

This guide explains the importance of building a recognition culture and will provide employers guidance on introducing both informal and formal employee recognition programs including:

  1. The importance of recognition
  2. Aims and objectives of a recognition program
  3. Communicating the program to employees
  4. And more...

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