Create and Communicate an Employee Value Proposition

Communicate Your Value to Your Employees

Employee value propositions are designed to provide an indication of what combination of benefits, culture and workplace conditions an employer has to offer that aligns with what employees' value. Not surprisingly, what employees' value varies over timeā€”and across employee groups.

So, what do today's employees value? There are two key sources of information that can prove invaluable to employers: 1) research that others have done and 2) information on what their own, current or former, employees say. Taking both of these inputs into consideration helps employers go from the general to the more specific in attempting to fine-tune their value propositions.

This in-depth resource will provide employers with guidance on how to create and communicate an Employee Value Proposition including:

  • Key attributes of an effective employee value proposition
  • Steps in creating an EVP
  • Identify and close any gaps
  • And more...

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