The Top 8 Employer Challenges Regarding State Labor Law Posters

How to Comply & Keep Up With State Poster Requirements

Every state has workplace posting requirements in addition to applicable federal posting requirements. Compliance requirements vary by each state, with California at a staggering potential 36 workplace posting requirements compared to Idaho and Delaware, which only require one state poster.

Complicating the sheer volume of notice postings are constantly changing requirements, determining posting locations and deciding whether to post notice requirements that are recommended but not mandatory. According to reports, an average of 75 state labor law changes affect posting requirements every year.

Failure to post a mandatory notice could result in a substantial penalty. And, unlike other compliance issues, an employer's failure to post a notice is a fairly straightforward source of potential liability.

Despite these challenges, there are strategies and tactics to ensure compliance and minimize risk. In this whitepaper, you will learn:

  • Meet common challenges in notice posting compliance
  • Discover whether your organization operates in the most challenging six states
  • Learn whether posting additional information may mitigate liability risks
  • Understand how to fulfill state and local notice posting requirements

Download this whitepaper to understand these challenges, and what you can do to manage them in the workplace.

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