Why Mergers and Acquisitions Fail… and How HR Can Help

HR best practices before, during and after a merger or acquisition

All of the big players in consulting and analysis have the same message when it comes to corporate mergers and acquisitions (M&A): the failure rate consistently hovers between 70 and 90%.

One way to measure success is stock price, but only one third of companies involved in an M&A in 2015 saw their company's stock price rise after the deal. And the stakes have never been higher – in the US alone there was a 60% increase of M&A activity year-over-year and companies are paying record-high valuations for acquisitions. Given these trends, a disconcerting number of companies are poised to experience M&A failure on a major scale.

While the failure rate and negative impact of mergers or acquisitions is alarming, it also presents a promising opportunity for senior HR professionals.

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  • Learn why mergers and acquisitions fail
  • Learn how HR can boost the likelihood of success during the M&A process
  • Identify strategic goals before, during and after a restructure
  • Gain insight on obstacles and risk factors in a post-integration environment

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