7 Steps for Updating Your Employee Handbook for 2019

Be Prepared for the Year Ahead

As there continue to be significant legal developments on a federal, state and local level, an employer should always be mindful of how they may affect the workplace and employee handbook. New and amended legal requirements are often very complex, which makes it critical for employers to understand how they touch upon their handbooks so they remain compliant with the latest developments.

Whether it be a sweeping new state law or an amendment to an existing local law, an employer must be able to determine whether it affects their handbook and workplace policies and identify what additions or revisions are necessary.

This in-depth guide provides employers with steps on how to update an employee handbook, including:

  1. Update Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) policies
  2. Review reasonable accommodation policies
  3. Comply with new and amended leave laws
  4. And more...

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