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Our HR Hotline is a key resource for you to receive detailed, timely and comprehensive answers to in-depth HR inquiries.

Our experienced HR & legal professionals are here to guide you, point you in the right direction, offer a second opinion, and coach you through complex HR issues.

With timely responses from our team of experts and 24/7 portal access, the HR Hotline empowers you to efficiently and effectively tackle complicated HR questions.

Our Hotline provides you with:

  • number one

    24-Hour Portal access, with answers to questions provided in fewer than two business days.

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    Verifiable, clear guidance from our in-house team of HR and legal professionals and subject matter experts.

  • number three

    Access to your previous questions and answers saved in your profile.

  • number four

    A source to double-check for any missed steps or blind spots across the entire employee life cycle.

Our HR and legal experts are here to answer complex HR questions – across numerous HR topics:

  • Employee Leaves

  • Hiring and Termination

  • Policies and Handbooks

  • Harassment and Discrimination

  • Accommodation

  • Multijurisdictional Issues

  • Strategic HR

  • Payroll and Rewards

  • Benefits

  • Workplace Safety

Our team can answer a wide variety of questions,
with guidance to federal, state, and local laws.
Here are just a few examples:

  • number one

    We have an employee who does not qualify for FMLA. We would like to know what other type of leave the employee can go out on. What are the eligibility requirements for the various leaves?

  • number two

    What is the difference between exempt and non-exempt classifications and what are the requirements to classify a job as exempt?

  • number three

    To be compliant with the I-9 requirements, does an employer have to re-verify an employee’s driver’s license once it has expired?

  • number four

    Can we hire an intern here on an F-1 student visa to be a regular employee once the internship is completed? Are F-1 students authorized to work in the US?

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