Navigate the challenges of being a global employer with authoritative and up-to-date country guides

As your organization expands to new territories, so does the role of HR

XpertHR International makes it easy for employers with staff based overseas to comply with employment law in those countries. Each country guide contains key information on issues ranging from recruitment and contracts of employment to industrial relations and termination of employment.

How International Can Benefit Your Team

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    Create and Implement a Successful and Connected Global Workforce

    Anticipate the challenges of global expansion with our versatile tools. You'll also be able to create a strategy for international growth while remaining up to date with employment law in multiple countries.

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    Ensure Compliance with Varying Employment Laws

    Our subject matter experts continuously monitor and update the content on our site so you have the most accurate and compliant information, allowing you to establish consistent approaches to global policies and procedures.

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    Remain Up to Date

    Stay in the know with our biweekly Editor's Choice newsletter and customizable compliance alerts. You'll be informed of new content updates, as well as the latest employment law developments and changes.

Product Features

    • Understand employee rights in key areas including minimum wage rates, maternity leave and compensation on termination.

    • Recognize the role of collective rights and bargaining in your chosen countries.

    • Prepare for conversations with local counsel.

    • Simplify the goal of extending your company culture and strategy worldwide.

    • Stay compliant and updated with employment law in the countries you operate.

    • Simplify the process of extending your company culture and strategy worldwide.

Available Countries and Territorries

Click on the map below to see which countries we cover in North and South America, Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa

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