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  • Make equality and fair pay the top of your business agenda for an inclusive and high-performing workplace

    • Understand pay inequity and close wage gaps

    • Embrace diverse talent ecosystems

    • Tell positive stories with your pay & people data

    • Future-proof equity at your organization

  • Women are paid

    82 cents

    for every dollar that their male counterparts earn

    (World Economic Forum)

  • Black employees are paid

    76 cents

    for every dollar that their white counterparts earn

    (Federal Contract Compliance)

  • So, how can you drive change in fair pay for employees and become a company worth working for? By shining a light on pay reporting with advanced statistical analysis, enabling your business to identify variables for employee demographics such as gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation and disability, pinpoint the causes of pay gaps, and propose and track action.


"We can all lead the change on creating a fair and inclusive future of work. Our tools help employers use data to build a world where work is inclusive, where pay meets value and diverse talent thrives."

Zara Nanu, CEO at Gapsquare, an XpertHR product