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LivingHR, Inc. is a Talent Management Outsource Solution (TMOS). We draw on a national team of experts, international best practices, and key partners, like XpertHR, to enable business success by creating vivid alignments between employees and an organization's mission and strategy. We don't just have clients, we have "client-partners" because we truly create long-term, high-touch partnerships with our clients, getting to know each client-partner so that we develop a deep understanding of their culture, people and goals. This allows us to bring solutions that become a sustainable part of an organization's DNA. Our favorite compliment is "you feel just like one of us".

What makes us different:

  • We pride ourselves on being different to traditional HRO, PEO, ASO organizations.
  • We are incredibly nimble and bring solutions that work specific to each client.
  • We share, love and leverage technology resources to get our client-partners compliant efficiently so we can move on to creating great, more productive workplaces.
  • Create CUSTOM (not template) solutions that are developed based on each organization's culture and strategic goals.
  • We have Masters/HRCI certified consultants that are fun and progressive.
  • We never say, "You can't do that". We recognize our clients accept risks in business. We serve as educators not juries. We advise of risks and best practices alike.
  • We actually DO the work. We don't just tell client's what is wrong and how to fix it, we give you deliverables not just "to-do" lists. Novel idea, we know.
  • We work with clients across the nation to provide human resource and organizational development solutions.

Our services include:

  • Performance management programs that are loved by employees and managers
  • Compensation planning that creates a critical connection between pay, performance and strategy
  • Process facilitation for creating innovative, sustainable solutions
  • Outcome-based job descriptions that connect each and every position to a company's mission and strategy
  • Organizational, HR, and individual assessments that deliver the power of knowledge
  • Roadmaps to become a great place to work
  • Whole-system strategic planning (engaging the whole organization, not just the leadership team)
  • Phone and email HR compliance answers to specific situations
  • Employee Handbooks

To discover how LivingHR can benefit your organization contact us today!

T: 813-514-6999
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LivingHR is proud to work with XpertHR

We researched HR compliance tools for well over a year in search of a partner that provided our "must have" criteria for, not only our own use, but that we'd feel proud to put in front of our clients to use.

Our criteria included: User-friendliness, Attorney-provided content, and Multi-state capabilities.

You wouldn't think we were asking for a lot, but apparently we were because, after testing numerous HR compliance tools, we were about to give up.

Finally, we found XpertHR and immediately reached out to create a partnership.

XpertHR has our full stamp of approval and we are very proud to partner with a company that delivers everything our team of HR experts and clients is looking for in a compliance tool.

Keri Higgins-Bigelow
President of LivingHR, Inc.