Managing Pregnancy and Related Issues in the Workplace

Stay compliant with all federal, state and local laws

When employees or applicants announce that they are expecting a baby, what will bring a bundle of joy to them may create a whole host of issues for the employer, such as coordinating leave for pregnancy and childbirth-related conditions, managing pregnancy-related disabilities, providing bonding time for new parents and handling requests for lactation accommodations.

As such, managing a pregnant employee can be one of the most challenging issues for an employer since they must navigate a complex patchwork of various and often confusing federal, state and local laws regarding leaves of absence, workplace accommodations, and discrimination and harassment.

This whitepaper will walk you the federal, state and local laws that protect pregnant employees with key tips on how to maintain compliance in the workplace including:

  1. Which laws may apply to your organization
  2. Examples of reasonable accommodations
  3. How to maintain the proper policies
  4. And moreā€¦

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