Keep Track of Your State and Local Minimum Wage Changes

2018 minimum wage infographic

Keeping up with the myriad of state and local requirements, including minimum wage, can be a real headache. In fact, the ever-shifting, fragmented patchwork of laws creates compliance challenges for 79% of employers, according to a 2017 Employer Survey by Littler.

A number of minimum wage rate increases have occurred since January 1, 2018—affecting 18 states and over 20 municipalities to be exact. So be sure to grab our up-to-date, 50-state infographic here to get a quick visual guide of the minimum wage rates across the U.S.

At XpertHR, we understand how challenging it can be to stay on top of all your state and local ordinances. Start saving valuable time tracking down multi-jurisdictional information from sources that can often be outdated and inaccurate, and let us do the heavy lifting for you. Check out our most popular wage and hour resources below.

More XpertHR Minimum Wage Resources

Jan. 1, 2018 is here. Are you on top of all your minimum wage rates? Don't forget about your local updates to the minimum salaries for overtime-exempt employees and payroll requirements!

Looking for a resource that offers a single, multistate snapshot of current and upcoming minimum wage rates? Our 50-State Chart offers just this and more—including coverage on key municipalities.

Our Employment Law Manual is the ultimate reference manual for minimum wage at the federal, state and local level—featuring real-world examples plus alerts to future developments in the law.

Know what minimum wage changes are coming down the pike with our Legal Timetable tool. You can even add key deadline dates right into your own calendar.