Master of None? Optimizing Supervisor Training for Business Success

Learn how to carefully assess your individualized supervisor training needs

Conscientious employers emphasize comprehensive supervisor training in order to minimize the organization's overall liability risks. However, the depth and breadth of supervisor training options must be carefully considered for strategic, compliance, performance and financial impacts. For example, merely mimicking a peer's practices could result in a laundry list of training "needs" that result in paltry returns on the organization's investment. In addition, overbooking training sessions in a way that does not allow the material to truly sink in for supervisors could result in a trainee's surface-level understanding of concepts.

This may be perfectly acceptable for a limited number of subject areas (for example, a supervisor need not know the intricacies of wage and hour law so long as he or she can respect a rest break). However, for some crucial concepts (e.g., the understanding of a supervisor's role within the organization), a supervisor's firm grasp of what is truly at stake is essential for an employer to be able to ensure compliance with legal and ethical responsibilities.

In our whitepaper you will learn:

  • How to assess training needs and practices
  • Various training formats, methods, and deliveries
  • How to achieve mastery with supervisor training
  • And more...

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