Paid Sick Leave Resources: XpertHR’s “Big 4”

Do you know how many jurisdictional and state paid sick leave law changes there have been since the first of the year? We do! Not only are the patchwork of laws constantly changing, but the requirements for each may differ even within the same state. We're continually keeping track of new developments that have become tough to handle for busy HR pros.

Save valuable time trying to keep up with rapidly changing paid sick leave requirements. Our multi-jurisdictional resources ensure your policies and practices are up-to-date and compliant—and that your employees are reaping the rewards that serve to keep them healthy, engaged, and productive.

More XpertHR Paid Sick Leave Resources

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Know Your State &
Local Paid Sick Laws

Tap into a myriad of resources to address the various, ever-changing sick leave laws across multiple jurisdictions—all the information you need to stay current and compliant from how tos and webinars to model policies, posting requirements, and more.

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Need to Develop A
Paid Sick Leave Policy?

Or perhaps you want to ensure yours is up to speed and compliant? Quickly understand the complexities and compliance-related requirements of creating sick leave policies that meet the needs of both you and your employees.

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Stay On Top of the Latest New & Updated Paid Sick Developments
Paid sick leave policy requirements used to be in the hands of employers. But not anymore. What HR needs to know about paid sick leave policy variations and requirements as the patchwork of laws continues to expand across cities and states.

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Know What Paid Sick Laws Are Coming Down the Pike
Stay on top of what's coming down the road related to state and jurisdictional paid sick leave changes with our Legal Timetable calendar tool—filled with upcoming, pending legislation deadlines. We keep track, so you don't have to!