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At XpertHR we help consultants, PEOs and many others comply with global, federal, state and municipal employment law on a daily basis by providing tools to ensure you stay ahead and up to date.

Our versatile and comprehensive resources will ensure you cut down on research time, so you can provide high-quality services to your clients quickly.

How Can XpertHR Support PEOs and Consultants?

Our versatile online resource gives you the tools to solve employee-related challenges, from hiring to firing and providing guidance on staying compliant with state, municipal and federal law.

Trusted and Reliable Information You Can Count on

XpertHR content includes contributions from the top 70 employment law firms in the country, then edited and continuously updated by an in-house team of legal experts and experienced HR professionals.

A Full Range of Resources at Your Fingertips

From policies and step-by-step guides to checklists for posters and processes, all are downloadable to simplify the process of drafting crucial documents.

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