XpertHR Reports on Key Attributes of an Employee Value Proposition

Guide Explains How to Avoid Missteps in Positioning As An Employer of Choice

New Providence, NJ (August 22, 2019) -- In today's competitive job market, an employee value proposition (EVP) can be the most important factor in communicating a company's value to employees or potential employees. XpertHR's new guide explains how to create and communicate a value proposition that can be used as a magnet for attracting new hires and retaining employees.

"An effective employee value proposition paints a motivating and reliable picture of what life looks like as an employee at your organization," says Linda Pophal, Content Contributor, XpertHR. "However, employers need to avoid costly missteps as they seek to position themselves as employers of choice in an increasingly competitive marketplace."

A strong employee value proposition will communicate a company's values in a way that highlights what makes that workplace unique and attractive to individuals sharing the same values. As employer brands are based on intangible factors such as image, identity, and perception, being able to discover what it is about a brand that creates an emotional inclination and a sense of identification with the company can prove invaluable to employers.

According to XpertHR, a compelling EVP will help to retain the best employees and also attract the strongest eternal talent. An EVP can include things like career development, work-life balance, rewarding work—and even the company's overall culture. The right EVP can be a magnet for attracting the talent organizations need to achieve their corporate vision.

XpertHR recommends that organizations demonstrate in real terms, that they have employees' best interests at heart by:

  • Providing not just a job, but a career path, with the requisite training, coaching, mentoring and opportunities.
  • Flexibility, where practical, with working from home and adjusting stop and start times.
  • Robust medical and parental leave.
  • Summer Fridays where employees can get in their hours during the week and leave early on Friday.

When applied to hiring, employee value propositions are all about indicating the combination of benefits, culture and workplace conditions an employer has to offer that aligns with what employees value.

Understanding how to avoid missteps in creating value propositions for employees and potential employees can also be ascertained by conducting formal surveys of current employees, informal discussions such as 'town hall' meetings and exit interviews.

However, the most important value to an employee or prospective employee is that organizations can actually deliver on their value propositions.

To view the full guide on employee value propositions, visit XpertHR.

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