The Good, Bad and Ugly of Workplace Romances: And What You Need to do About Them

Prevalence of workplace relationships, the power behind the policy, and preparing for ongoing communication

Valentine's Day is coming up, love is in the air, but it can also be year round.

Where do people tend to meet their spouses or significant others? Church, bars, the gym? For many, the love bug often strikes in the workplace. Are you prepared to know how to manage relationships in the office? What if something is taken too far, do you know what to do?

It's a sticky subject. Some workplaces are even completely banning such relationships. More commonly, employers establish policies placing certain restrictions on dating, particularly between those who have reporting relationships. We discuss the potential problems with love in the office and how to prevent the situation from becoming a disaster.

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  • The do's and don'ts around workplace relationship policies
  • Various types of relationships that may cause a concern for HR
  • What to do if something is taken too far
  • How to be strategically prepared to handle any relationship issues

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