The Power of Pay Equity: How to Get the Most from Your Pay Equity Review

In today's workplace, there is an increased focus on equal pay as studies show that gender and minority wage gaps persist. A Pew Research Center analysis reported that women in the US earned 83 percent of what men made, while African-Americans were paid only about 75 percent of the compensation for whites. As concerns about lingering wage gaps have intensified, employers' compensation practices have become subject to significant scrutiny.

As the focus on pay equity continues, an employer may want to review how it pays its employees. Evaluating pay structures can help an employer to recognize, correct and prevent compensation disparities. It is critical that employers consider certain issues when determining whether and how to review their employees' compensation under applicable equal pay and salary history laws.

In our report, you will find 8 key steps on how to get the most from your pay equity review.

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