Pay Me Now or Pay More Later: Training Supervisors to Avoid 5 Costly Wage and Hour Mistakes

Is Your Organization Taking Action to Prevent Costly Errors with Wage and Hour?

Companies are required to comply with a plethora of ever-changing wage and hour requirements. These laws cover the gamut from minimum wage, overtime pay and equal pay to meal and rest breaks and employee misclassification. Add to that the effect of also having to comply with state and local wage and hour laws and it is plain to see why employers so easily can make mistakes. And mistakes can be costly.

In addition, wage and hour complaints to the US Department of Labor often trigger systemic investigations, where the agency looks not only at specific claims but at underlying "pattern or practice" of violations. Penalties can quickly add up as more and more violations are claimed. A recent Seyfarth Shaw report stated that the top 10 government settlements in 2017 totaled over $321 million for DOL penalties. Already in January of this year, a California drywall company agreed to pay $944,000 in back wages and damages to settle DOL claims for overtime violations.

In our report, you will find the 5 areas of wage and hour law that supervisors need to understand to avoid potentially costly pitfalls.

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