Ivan Robertson

Ivan Robertson

Ivan Robertson is co-founder of Robertson Cooper, having set up the business with Cary Cooper in 1999.

Robertson Cooper specializes in stress management, employee well-being, engagement and resilience.

The company was built on the expertise of its founders, so its tools are grounded in a scientific understanding of psychological well-being at work and its relationship to performance.

Robertson Cooper helps organizations to realize the benefits of engaging leaders and having resilient teams and energized employees, while building internal capability to ensure sustainable improvements.

Mr. Robertson is professor of organizational psychology at Leeds Business School and emeritus professor at the University of Manchester.

He has published over 35 books around the subject of occupational psychology and is an internationally recognized industry expert in the areas of stress, well-being, employee engagement, personnel selection, assessment and leadership development.

Throughout his career, Mr. Robertson has advised at the highest levels in the public and private sectors, both in the UK and internationally.