Employment Law Guide

At the heart of Brightmine is the Employment Law Guide, our most comprehensive resource, covering the entire employment lifecycle from recruitment to termination. Written in an easily digestible format, the Employment Law Guide is free of legal jargon for ease of communication.


From the Employment Law Guide homepage you can search within the resource itself or you can select a category, such as Employee Leaves or Investigations and Litigation. You can also navigate to resource categories via the smart breadcrumb bar. The homepage also features a list of the most recent new and updated resources.

The Trending box gives you a sense of what's topical, providing a list of the most popular articles within the resource.

Content Structure

Once you've selected an article resource, you will notice that all articles are structured in the same manner, featuring:

  • Go to section menu that allows you to navigate easily to different sections of the article. This is especially helpful for navigating longer articles such as those in the Employment Law Guide.
  • About This Resource box which displays recent updates to the article, with quick links to the section of the resource that contains the update(s).
  • Author(s) of the article
  • Summary featuring links to subsections.

Citations that let you see the law as it was written, powered by our sister company LexisNexis.

ELM FMLA citation examples

Practical Examples that offer real-world illustrations to help give more practical context and applications of the law.

ELM FMLA practical example

Local Requirements are listed in state-specific articles, such as FMLA: California, providing details of key local nuances of a particular law.

FMLA Local requirements

Future Developments notifies you of any planned upcoming changes to the law, to keep you one step ahead.

FMLA future developments

Pro Tips for the Employment Law Guide

Navigate between state-specific articles quickly

If you are a multistate employer and want to look at another state-specific article within the same topic, for example you want to switch from Other Leaves: California to Other Leaves: Texas, you can do this with one click by using the smart breadcrumb bar. See example below.

ELM breadcrumb state content

Use quotation marks to narrow your search to exact phrases

Typing, for example, paid sick leave vs. "paid sick leave" into the search field will yield very different results. Using quotes around search terms will return results that contain the exact phrase only, whereas without the quotes, articles that contain any of the terms entered, and in any order, will be returned as a relevant result. Note in the image below, under Refine Search Results, there are 126 vs. 1,525 articles returned within the Employment Law Guide where phrase is entered with and without quotes, respectively.