Our Training resource offers over 70 trainings ranging from soft skills development such as handling difficult conversations and conflict resolution to compliance guidance such as FMLA, ADA, and OSHA.

Training is a great way to promote a positive workplace culture and to ensure your managers - your front line of defense - are aware and have detailed knowledge of compliance best practice.

Do you need to get a new supervisor up to speed? Or need to create a new supervisor training program? Consider using these resources:

Due to changes in sexual harassment laws across a variety of states, we now offer trainings for both managers and employees. View them here.


From the Training homepage you can search within the resource itself or you can select a category such as Attendance and Leave or Performance and Discipline. You can also navigate to resource categories via the smart breadcrumb bar. The homepage also features a list of the most recent new and updated resources.

The Trending box gives you a sense of what's topical, providing a list of the most popular articles within the resource.

Content Structure

Once you've selected a training, you will notice that all are structured in the same manner, featuring:

  • Go to section menu that allows you to navigate easily to different sections of the training.
  • Author(s) of the training
  • Outline of topics covered
  • Downloadable PowerPoint presentation which you can customize. You can add or delete content, change the template theme, insert your own logo, etc. Please note that trainings are intended for internal use only.

Download box

Test Yourself quiz - multiple choice question with answers. This can be used as a pre- or post-training exercise to gauge understanding.

Test yourself

All our trainings are compatible with a learning management system (LMS). They can easily be uploaded into your LMS along with the Test Yourself quiz. Within your LMS you can track employee attendance and engagement with the training.