What state-specific resources do you have?

XpertHR provides extensive resources for every state. At the heart of these resources is the Employment Law Guide. Each jurisdiction page - which can be accessed via the dropdown within the "States" tab found in the top-level main site navigation - provides access to our in-depth employment law analysis for a range of topics for that state (example pictured below).

State Topic page ELG Section screenshot

Complementing these reference materials is our popular Employee Handbooks resource, which includes state and local handbook templates for every state and for dozens of municipalities. For state-to-state comparisons, see our 50-State Charts resource, which addresses key topics such as minimum wage and paid sick leave differences by state and municipality. Our Quick Reference resource includes state-specific resources such as poster listings and applicable law listings. Policies and Procedures includes links to state-required posters and notices, as well as other key state-specific resources. Legal Timetable provides a compliance calendar including all compliance dates for every state and dozens of municipalities. Check out each jurisdiction page for easy access to all these resources.

State Topic page screenshot