Employee Engagement and Performance – The Perfect Match

In the famous Frank Sinatra song, love and marriage is the ideal pairing, going together "like a horse and carriage." In the world of work, that perfect match is employee engagement and performance. And just like in the song, you can't have one – performance – without the other – engagement.

Year after year, studies show that businesses with higher engagement also have higher performance, and vice versa. The goals of high engagement and high performance are not mutually exclusive; they are mutually dependent. A team of employees works at its optimum when management focuses on employee engagement while remaining

Increasing employee engagement provides strategic benefits to
employers and is important to organizations that value creativity,
productivity and growth. Organizations with engaged employees typically
have better financial and production performance than organizations with
disengaged employees. This is because engaged employees generally
have a sense of purpose and exert persistent effort in reaching
performance goals, as measured by the metrics used to keep
engagement efforts oriented to organizational objectives.

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