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Weapons in the Workplace Handbook Statement: Georgia

In the interest of maintaining a workplace that is safe and free of violence, and in accordance with the policy set forth in the National Handbook, the Company generally prohibits the presence or use of firearms and other weapons on the Company's property, regardless of whether or not the person is a lawful weapons carrier. In compliance with Georgia law, the Company permits employees who are lawful weapons carriers to leave their firearm and/or ammunition in their privately owned locked car in the Company's parking lot, so long as the firearm or ammunition is locked out of sight within the trunk, glove box or other enclosed compartment.

For purposes of this policy, a "lawful weapons carrier" means any person who is licensed or eligible for a license under Georgia law and is not otherwise prohibited by law from possessing a weapon or long gun. A "lawful weapons carrier" also means any resident of any other state who would otherwise be eligible to obtain a license but for the residency requirement and any person licensed to carry a weapon in any other state.

In the event that an employee has been subject to a disciplinary action or who has a disciplinary action pending, the Company reserves the right to