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Paid Family Leave Requirements by State and Municipality

Author: Brightmine Editorial Team

Without a federal paid family leave (PFL) requirement, states are stepping in by passing laws that protect employees who need family, medical, parental and/or military exigency leave. PFL laws generally provide both leave rights and insurance (wage replacement) benefits.

The following chart summarizes the PFL requirements for private employers in each state and in key municipalities, including the absences that qualify an employee for PFL, covered family members for absences related to illness or military exigency, employee and employer contribution obligations, leave rights and insurance benefit entitlements, waiting period requirements, and notice and documentation requirements. States that have no requirements regarding PFL are marked N/A.

Some PFL laws provide leave and wage replacement benefits for an employee's own health condition. However, some states provide benefits for absences related to an ill or injured employee under a temporary disability insurance (TDI) law. For more information on TDI laws, see Temporary Disability Insurance Requirements by State.