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  • Webinar: Adapting Total Rewards Strategies in the Era of Pay Transparency

    March 22, 2024

    In this webinar, we use theoretical and empirical insights to highlight the new realities of pay transparency. The panel discusses ways to reimagine internal rewards frameworks and offer up actionable takeaways to build and implement more transparent people and rewards strategies to attract and retain the best talent.

  • Webinar: Is Your Benefits Program in Compliance? You Might Be Surprised

    July 22, 2022

    In this 60-minute webinar, Jennifer Savion, founder of Savion Workplace Solutions discusses the recent compliances issues impacting employer-sponsored benefits programs, like health insurance and paid leave, as well as how to better understand risk exposure for your specific organization.

  • Webinar: Managing Compensation Practices in a Rapidly Changing Landscape

    September 16, 2021

    HR and compensation professionals face tremendous challenges as changes occur in shareholder and executive expectations about workforce diversity, government regulation, and societal shocks, most recently, the COVID-19 pandemic. In this webinar, Joe Martocchio shares how HR and compensation professionals can manage these challenges proactively.

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