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Webinar: Pay Transparency in New York State - Prepare Now

Emily Scace Sabina Mehmood

New York State is adding to the pay transparency momentum with the passage of S.B. 9427. Intended to advance pay equity, pay transparency laws remove the secrecy that surrounds compensation and give employees more informational leverage in the hiring process.

Although S.B. 9427 does not take effect until September 2023, employers need to prepare to comply now. Implementing pay transparency brings many challenges for organizations - from planning employee communications to managing pay compression to preparing to address any disparities that may come to light - and the New York law is no exception. But as pay transparency moves from the leading edge to the mainstream of employment practices, it is critical for organizations to develop a solid strategy to meet compliance requirements and take proactive steps to ensure pay equity over the long term.

XpertHR Legal Editor Emily Scace and Gapsquare Pay Equity Leader Sabina Mehmood provide an informative 45-minute webinar on handling the complexities of New York's new pay transparency law, what it means for your organization, and best practices for implementing a transparency strategy.

Attendees learn:

  • Which employers and employees are covered by the pay transparency law
  • What S.B. 9427 requires regarding pay transparency and job descriptions in job postings
  • Key similarities and differences between the New York State law and New York City's pay transparency law - and the impact on employers covered by both
  • Strategies for handling the top challenges of pay transparency
  • The importance of addressing pay equity issues proactively before they come to light

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