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Poland: Training and development

Original authors: Mark Carley and Anna Ludwinek
Updating author: Kalina Jaroslawska

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  • Save for exceptions related to health and safety, employers have no statutory obligation to provide or finance training for employees. (See General)
  • Subject to the employer's consent, or at the employer's request, employees may take between six and 21 days' training leave to improve their qualifications. (See Training/education leave to improve qualifications)
  • Employers may, but are not obliged to, set up a company training fund to finance continuing vocational training for employees. The National Training Fund, a sub-fund of the Labour Fund, may be used to finance training and courses for employees and employers. (See Training funds)
  • The remuneration of young people employed for the purpose of vocational training is covered by the Labour Fund. (See Other)