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  • Succession Planning: Key HR Drivers and Metrics for Success

    Leading practice guidance discussing the role of succession planning in driving organizational growth, and key indicators and metrics for monitoring the progress and success of a succession planning program.

  • Workforce Planning

    Updated to include information on common misconceptions about workforce planning and the benefits of workforce planning, and to improve the comprehensiveness, organization and scope of coverage.

  • Flexible Work: Key Performance Indicators

    Leading practice guidance discussing how to measure the success of a flexible work program based on key performance indicators, such as cost efficiency, engagement, equity, performance, among others.

  • Flexible Work: Managing Flexibility

    Leading practice guidance discussing the implementation and management of flexible work, including how to implement flexible work policies, practices and upskilling; and how to build a positive flexible work culture.

  • Flexible Work: The Business Case

    Leading practice guidance discussing the key characteristics of flexible work, the different types of flexible work and the strategic advantages flexible work provides to employers.

  • Making the Business Case for Succession Planning

    Leading practice guidance discussing what succession planning is and how it aligns with an organization's business and HR strategy; why it is a business imperative; and how it benefits an organization and its employees.

  • People Analytics

    Leading practice guidance discussing people analytics. It explains what people analytics is and how it fits into the overall structure of the HR department. It emphasizes the importance of identifying the objectives of a people analytics project and gaining buy-in from senior management and explores how engaging in people analytics can provide a firm foundation for making business decisions, which in turn can positively impact the organization's bottom line.

  • HR Transformation

    Leading practice guidance discussing HR transformation. It considers what HR transformation is and its benefits to the organization. It describes the tools for transforming HR and the methods for implementing a successful HR transformation, as well as how HR transformation can be sustained.

  • Mergers and Acquisitions

    Leading practice guidance explaining why the acquisition of, or merger with, another organization requires consideration of both the financial details and human capital factors. It also assists HR professionals on the keys to merger and acquisition (M&A) success.

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