Los Angeles Puts Scheduling Requirements on Retailers

Author: Michael Cardman, XpertHR Senior Legal Editor

December 12, 2022

Los Angeles has enacted a new ordinance that aims to promote the "health, safety, and welfare" of the city's retail workers by giving them more predictable work schedules.

Signed December 8 and taking effect April 1 of next year, the Fair Work Week Ordinance (FWWO) will require covered employers to provide most employees with:

The ordinance's sponsors said it will benefit the city to have retail workers who are "rested, able to plan for childcare, and rely less on the city's social services."

Employers that violate the FWWO must pay restitution and one-time penalties of up to $500 per violation of each major requirement of the FWWO. There also are administrative fines and penalties payable to the city.

Los Angeles joins New York City, Chicago, Philadelphia and several other cities that have enacted similar scheduling laws in recent years.