Manage Telecommuters

Key Points

  • Telecommuting programs have numerous advantages for both employees and employers. The option to telecommute can combat absenteeism, boost employee productivity and morale and increase employee retention.
  • Include a specific section in an employee handbook or policy manual detailing expected behavior or allowed conduct with respect to telecommuting. Develop policies and procedures addressing potential telecommuting challenges or abuses and enforce these uniformly.
  • Enact policies that detail what equipment will be provided to a telecommuter, as well as which expenses will be reimbursed. Include provisions regarding the return of employer property from a telecommuter leaving the organization.
  • Keep in mind that the penalties for nonconformance with applicable laws are the same for telecommuting employees as for any other employees. Guard against potential wage and hour issues that may arise from workers in a remote location who are under infrequent supervision.

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