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Workers' Compensation - Supervisor Training

Author: XpertHR Editorial Team


This training session examines the law and best practices regarding employee injuries suffered in the workplace, illnesses that may result from working and the (primarily) state-specific workers' compensation programs that provide wage replacement and medical benefits to injured or ill employees. This training session also reviews best practices for employers and supervisors insofar as defending against workers' compensation claims and navigating through the claims process.

Supervisors and managers are the first line of defense when it comes to receiving and reporting claims up the chain of command. That means they may have to create accident reports, collect data and information, comply with reporting requirements both inside and outside of the organization and proactively strive to prevent safety incidents.

This training session covers the following topics:

  1. Workers' Compensation Programs
  2. Accident Prevention and Response
  3. Employers Covered by Workers' Compensation
  4. Employees Covered by Workers' Compensation
  5. Compensable Injuries and Illnesses
  6. Wage Replacement and Medical Benefits
  7. Workers' Compensation Claims Process
  8. Test Yourself