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An XpertHR core subscription will provide access to reliable and up-to-date HR and employment law information, as well as practical tools to enable your team to save valuable time and stay compliant.

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Why Choose XpertHR - 02/13/2015

What you get with XpertHR:

Employment Law: Reference

Employment Law Manual

Accessible and constantly updated guidance on employment law, at federal, 50-state and select municipal level, tailored to the needs of the HR professional.

  • Covers the entire employment lifecycle.
  • Contains real-world examples to illustrate the application of employment compliance obligations.
  • Provides links to additional helpful resources and tools.
  • Alerts readers to anticipated future developments in the law.

Law Reports

Key cases from both federal and state courts, reviewed for their impact on the workplace.

  • Stay up to date with key developments in case law.
  • Keep informed about particular circumstances that have led to employment law claims.
  • Understand the relevance of case law developments and their potential impact on employers.

Legal guidance and commentary.

  • In-depth legal analysis of existing and upcoming employment laws.
  • Discussion of the interplay and reconciliation of employment law requirements.
  • Expert views on the implications of key employment law trends.

Worked Examples

Guidance on the action required in different employment scenarios, along with a detailed explanation of the law behind the action.

  • Understand how items such as overtime pay or withholding taxes are properly calculated under various scenarios.
  • Comply with legal requirements, such as IRS reporting obligations on life insurance premiums.
  • Resolve errors when they occur, such as the overpayment of wages that were not ultimately due.

Employment Law: Quick Tools

How To

Practical step-by-step advice on how to manage both common and more unusual workplace situations.

  • Provides "how-to" guidance for circumstances that may be confronted by HR.
  • Sets forth a step-by-step process to ensure compliance both with legal requirements and HR best practice.

Summaries of upcoming and/or recently implemented legislation, with effective dates.

  • Stay up to date on pending and/or recent changes in employment law legislation.
  • Track and calendar implementation dates to ensure organizational compliance with changes.


Dynamic employment law workflows to assist with complex legal and process decision-making. Includes guidance and links to useful information and tools.

  • Guides you step-by-step through processes to help you comply with the law.
  • Provides an interactive flowchart setting out the steps in each process.
  • Offers guidance on each step, along with links to customizable templates, and supplemental training materials.

Policies and Documents

Model policies, posters, notices, sample letters, checklists and forms to help you create, distribute and maintain legally compliant documentation for your organization.

  • Includes customizable templates complete with tips and guidance on how to use.
  • Provides warnings to help avoid legal pitfalls, including potential implications of pending legislation.

Quick Reference

Key employment facts, such as minimum wage rates by state, state overtime variations and limitations on credit checks by state, presented in an easy-to-follow format.

  • Check key facts, rates and legal requirements quickly and easily.
  • Plan ahead in relation to tax withholding requirements and benefits analysis.
  • Keep up-to-date with key leave law requirements by state.

Supervisor Training

Clear, simply written briefings designed to ensure supervisors comply with employment law and best practice.

  • Assume no previous knowledge of the law or principles of human resource management.
  • Are written in plain English, avoiding legal jargon and technical language.
  • Include "Test Yourself" quizzes, to ensure major legal concepts have been understood.
  • Are typically accompanied by a downloadable PowerPoint presentation.

Best Practice

Best Practice Manual

Clear, simply written guidance on best practice in HR and people management.

  • Gain insight into the policies and practices used by high-performing organizations.
  • Includes case studies to illustrate the practical application of the guidance.

General HR

Editor's Choice

The pick of the latest additions to XpertHR.

  • Tracks new content added to XpertHR on a regular basis.
  • Alerts you to legal developments or other considerations prompting substantive changes.

Employment Glossary

Concise explanations of HR, legal and employment-related words, phrases and abbreviations in plain English including:

  • Latin terms commonly used by the appellate courts.
  • Terms used in employment legislation, including Ban the Box and Reasonable Accommodations.


Answers to frequently asked questions on key HR issues.

  • Find answers to your HR and employment questions quickly and easily.
  • Suggest a question for consideration by the XpertHR editorial team.


The latest HR and employment news.

  • Keep up to date with new developments in federal, state and municipal employment law.
  • Understand the implications of new legislation to HR, plus developing trends.

Podcasts and Webinars

Podcasts and webinars on key HR issues to help you in your role.

  • Listen to the XpertHR podcasts.
  • Watch topical webinars on demand.


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XpertHR does a wonderful job providing a vast amount of in-depth information while being easy to use and navigate. Using it to stay current on changes in any state is extremely beneficial!

Karen Felix, Principal, Marketstaff-PEO/HRO