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Documents to Provide During Employment by State

Author: Vincent K. Bates, Littler

A majority of jurisdictions, including federal and most states, have requirements regarding documentation that must be provided to an employee during employment.

The following chart summarizes these requirements relating to specific laws and regulations. However, an employer may wish to consider providing notice to employees regarding certain workplace changes even if not required to do so. For example, employers should considCer providing employees with advance written notice before a pay change occurs, even if there is no statutory requirement to do so.

For documentation required at other times of the employee lifecycle, please review:

For notice-posting information, please review applicable federal and state and local charts.

Additional resources are available with respect to the following:

For specific information on what to include in employee handbook statements, please review Employee Handbooks.

Please note that the following documents are not included on this chart:

Cells marked with "N/A" signify either that the jurisdiction's law does not address notice requirements or that the particular issue in question does not apply under applicable law.