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Webinar: 3Cs - Keep Your Handbook Compliant, Competitive and Culturally Relevant in 2022

Kate Bischoff

It's generally known that employee handbooks play an important part of protecting your organization by showing its compliance with federal and state laws, but it can do much more.

An effective handbook can express and bolster your organizational values and workplace culture, as well as showcase your employee value proposition that makes your organization an employer of choice.

Learn more about maximizing the impact of your employee handbook in this 60-minute webinar. Attorney Kate Bischoff, founder of k8bisch, a law and HR consulting firm in Minneapolis, shares the most important to-dos when crafting your handbook so that it is legally compliant, keeps you competitive in the marketplace and is culturally relevant to your organization and its employees.

In this webinar you learn about:

  • Best practices for tracking laws and emerging trends that impact handbooks;
  • How to benchmark your handbook practices to remain competitive;
  • Using your organizations mission, vision and purpose can inform handbook policies to best showcase your culture;
  • And more!

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