Investigate a Claim of Sexual Harassment

When to Use This Flowchart

Use the Investigate a Claim of Sexual Harassment flowchart to conduct an investigation into an allegation of sexual harassment, either when an employer is notified or becomes aware of alleged sexual harassment in the workplace.

This flowchart walks an employer through the major steps of the internal investigation process, from the time an employer receives a complaint of sexual harassment, a report of sexual harassment from a witness, or otherwise becomes aware of sexual harassment affecting one or more of its employees.

Depending on the severity of the allegations, the need to involve outside authorities or investigative agencies, an employer's own internal policies and protocols pertaining to investigations and other factors, steps in this flowchart may be added, altered or eliminated altogether.

Given the sensitive nature of these allegations and the potential for disruption in the workplace, an employer should consult with inside or outside counsel prior to commencing an investigation into allegations of this nature.

Key Steps

Key "What if?" Events

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