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Best Practices for Promoting Employees

Author: Brightmine Editorial Team


Promoting employees to fill an open or new position provides strategic benefits to an organization, such as supporting the succession planning, providing development and career opportunities to employees and improving retention and engagement. Promotions are viewed as an acknowledgement and reward for an employee's efforts and accomplishments, making the employee feel valued and boosting their morale and productivity. They also motivate employees to improve their skills and talent. In addition, promotions help identify candidates with potential to be groomed and developed for future leadership roles.

Employers that observe best practices when promoting employees can ensure that employees perform well when they are promoted, which can have a positive effect on business performance and team motivation.

This guide discusses the different types of employee promotions and explains each step from preparing for promotions to making the final decision. It also covers promotion strategies that enhance the workforce and the organization. In addition, the benefits of promoting employees and following promotion best practices are highlighted throughout.