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Employee Communications: Oklahoma

Employee Communications requirements for other states

Federal law and guidance on this subject should be reviewed together with this section.

Authors: Alan L. Rupe and Daniel Press, Kutak Rock LLP


  • Oklahoma is an at-will employment state. See Employment At-Will.
  • Oklahoma employers are required to post notices regarding Oklahoma law. See Notice Posting.
  • Oklahoma law protects public employees who report infractions of rules, regulations or law. Oklahoma law also includes certain retaliation protections. See Oklahoma Whistleblower Act and Retaliation Protections.
  • Oklahoma prevents certain kinds of electronic surveillance under the Security of Communications Act. See Telephone and Other Electronic Surveillance.
  • Oklahoma employees may file court claims alleging defamation, e.g., based on poor performance appraisals or disciplinary information. See Defamation.
  • Oklahoma employers are generally immune from providing job references for former employees. See Job References.
  • Oklahoma law prohibits blacklisting any employee, mechanic or laborer. See Blacklisting.
  • Oklahoma courts limit the enforceability of noncompete agreements. See Noncompete Agreements.
  • Oklahoma has adopted the Uniform Trade Secrets Act. See Trade Secrets.
  • Oklahoma law prohibits distracted driving. See Use of Mobile Devices.