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  • Election 2024: Addressing Employee Social Media Use

    For employers, the upcoming election poses challenges when it comes to monitoring and addressing social media posts that may be considered incendiary or otherwise problematic. This resource focuses on key considerations for employers heading towards November 2024.

  • Politics in the Workplace: Top Issues for Employers This 2024 Election Season

    National, state and local elections issues often intersect with business priorities and interests. With every election season, employers must navigate the many issues that arise when politics enter the workplace. This resource show how to prepare for the top politics in the workplace issues of the 2024 election season.

  • Coronavirus (COVID-19): Temporary Handbook Statements

    XpertHR has compiled a collection of coronavirus (COVID-19) resources related to temporary handbook statements.

  • HR Priorities for 2024

    December 5, 2023

    From the evolving nature of artificial intelligence to possible legislation relating to leave and immigration, HR must be proactive and determine how to approach its priorities going into 2024. This resource addresses the top priorities for HR for the coming year.

  • Office Pools, Bracket Challenges and Fantasy Leagues: What's an Employer's Best Bet?

    Workplace betting pools offer opportunities to engage with employees' interests and boost morale. XpertHR offers many tools and resources to help an employer meet workplace productivity goals while workers enjoy the big game.

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Editor's Choice: Guidance on creating and implementing HR policies that provide employees and supervisors standards and procedures with which they should comply.