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Recruiting: Louisiana

Recruiting requirements for other states

Federal law and guidance on this subject should be reviewed together with this section.

Author: Elizabeth A. Roussel, Adams and Reese LLP


  • Louisiana employers may recruit and hire consistently with affirmative action plans. See Affirmative Action.
  • Louisiana law limits the right of employers to bring 'strikebreakers' into the state and to recruit or hire employees to replace strikers or employees on lockout. See Labor Relations.
  • The state imposes special prerequisites to hiring minors. See Hiring Minors.
  • Louisiana law makes it illegal to recruit undocumented workers with violators subject to potential monetary penalties. See Unauthorized Aliens.
  • Louisiana employer may not discriminate with respect to recruiting, hiring or other personnel actions because a person is a smoker. See Smokers' Rights.
  • Employers should be aware that a new law gives a hiring preference to Louisiana residents living in coastal zones for certain public works projects. See First Hiring Act.