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Recruiting: Tennessee

Recruiting requirements for other states

Federal law and guidance on this subject should be reviewed together with this section.

Author: Christine P. Corrigan, CPC Writing Services


  • The Tennessee Human Rights Act applies to private employers with eight or more employees and all public employers. Meanwhile, the Tennessee Disability Act covers all employers regardless of size. See Tennessee Antidiscrimination Law.
  • The Tennessee Human Rights Act recognizes religion, sex, national origin and age as "bona fide occupational qualifications." See BFOQ Exception.
  • The Tennessee Human Rights Commission has issued specific regulations addressing employer advertising. See Employer Advertising.
  • Employers in Tennessee are prohibited from engaging in certain false and deceptive recruiting and advertising practices. See False Advertising.
  • English-Only rules are permitted under the Tennessee Human Rights Act if there is a legitimate business necessity for such a policy. See English-Only Rules.
  • State law bans employers from taking adverse employment decisions for lawful, off-duty tobacco use. See Smokers' Rights.
  • A new law permits private employers to grant a hiring preference to veterans and qualifying spouses. See Veterans Preference.
  • Tennessee courts generally use a "right of control" test to determine employee or independent contractor status. See Independent Contractors.
  • Tennessee law restricts the employment of minors, prohibiting them from working in hazardous industries and restricting their hours of work. See Underage Workers.