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Retaliation: Idaho

Retaliation requirements for other states

Federal law and guidance on this subject should be reviewed together with this section.

Author: Jonathan K. Thorne, Strindberg and Scholnick, LLC


  • Idaho's antidiscrimination employment laws prohibit retaliation against an employee engaged in opposing discriminatory conduct or participating in proceedings regarding the unlawful discrimination. See Retaliation Under the Idaho Human Rights Act;
  • An employee making a retaliation claim under the Idaho Human Rights Act may assert a claim against an employer who has 5 or more employees (as opposed to 15 employees under Title VII). See Covered Employers;
  • An employee has 365 days to file a Charge of Discrimination with the Idaho Commission on Human Rights (as opposed to 300 days with the EEOC). See Charge of Discrimination;
  • Idaho employees are also protected from retaliation for filing a claim under the Discriminatory Wage Rates Based upon Sex Act. See Retaliation Under the Discriminatory Wage Rates Based upon Sex Act.