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Workers' Compensation: Florida

Workers' Compensation requirements for other states

Federal law and guidance on this subject should be reviewed together with this section.

Author: Daniel O'Brien, Fisher Phillips.


  • Virtually all Florida employers are required to post the Florida Workers' Comp Works For You Poster in the workplace. See Notice Requirements.
  • Virtually all employers in Florida are required to carry workers' compensation insurance. See Covered Employers.
  • Almost all employees are covered by workers' compensation in Florida, with some unique exceptions. See Covered Employees.
  • Covered employers cannot be sued by injured employees unless the employer intentionally acts to harm the employee. See Compensable Injuries.
  • Covered employers must pay partial-replacement of wages for injuries or occupational diseases that happened on the job. See Compensable Injuries.
  • Employers may not be liable for injuries that occur under certain conditions. See Employer Defenses to Workers' Compensation Claims.
  • Employers must provide medical treatment for on-the-job injuries until the employee recovers. See Medical Benefits.
  • Injured workers are paid benefits to replace lost wages according to the severity of injury incurred. See Other Benefits.
  • Employees must report an on-the-job injury within 30 days, otherwise they may be ineligible for benefits. See Claims Procedure.
  • An employee cannot be fired or harassed for having filed a workers' compensation claim. See Retaliation and Interference.
  • Either party may dispute a claim. See Administrative Hearing and Court Proceedings.