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Workers' Compensation: Arkansas

Workers' Compensation requirements for other states

Federal law and guidance on this subject should be reviewed together with this section.

Author: Nicole Farley, Fisher Phillips.


  • All Arkansas employers that are covered by the state workers' compensation regulations are required to post the Arkansas Workers' Compensation Notice Poster. See Notice Requirements.
  • The Arkansas Workers' Compensation Law provides the exclusive remedy for workplace injuries and occupational diseases , with one major exception. See Covered Employers.
  • Employers may obtain private insurance coverage or self-insure against their workers' compensation liability, assuming they meet certain financial disclosure obligations. See Covered Employers.
  • Almost all workers are protected by workers' compensation insurance, with a few exceptions. See Covered Employees.
  • Arkansas law defines compensable injuries and includes accidental injuries which cause various forms of physical injuries. See Compensable Injuries.
  • Employers may not be liable for certain types of injuries under the law, depending on the facts and circumstances surrounding the employee's claim for workers' compensation benefits. See Employer Defenses to Claims for Workers' Compensation Benefits.
  • Injured workers are entitled to medical benefits and wage-loss replacement benefits under certain circumstances. See Benefits.
  • The Arkansas Workers' Compensation Commission resolves disputed claims through an administrative hearing process . Failure to adhere to the process and its requirements could expose litigants to significant financial penalties. See Disputed Claims Process.
  • Both the injured party and the employer may dispute the veracity or worthiness of a claim. See Disputed Claims Process.